Case Study Analysis Blurred Lines Happy Or Harassed

Harvard Case SolutionEither of those events could have an effect on our flexibility to fund our business operations, makecapital charges, pursue additional expansion or acquisition opportunities, or make an alternative discretionary use of money andcould adversely impact our economic effects. Continuing disruptionin case study solution global financial markets as a result of case study answer ongoing global financial uncertainty can cause buyers, businesses and governmentsto defer purchases in accordance with tighter credit, lowered cash availability and declining client self belief. Accordingly,demand for our items could cut back and differ materially from their latest expectations. Further, a few of our customers mayrequire monstrous financing so as to fund their operations and make purchases from us. The lack of ability of those clients toobtain enough credit to finance purchases of our items and meet their charge duties to us or possible insolvenciesof our clients could cause reduced buyer demand, an impaired capacity for us to collect on fantastic money owed receivable,enormous delays in accounts receivable payments, and critical write offs of bills receivable, each of that may adverselyimpact our economic effects. There is currently no public marketfor our common stock, and there can be no coverage that any public market will increase or that our common stock could be quotedfor trading.